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Vague as I wanna be

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3/4/11 08:30 am - Surgery Success!!

I had my surgery yesterday, and it went so well! I was awake and got to watch most of it, which was really awesome. They said they were surprised that I wanted to be so involved. I'm a helper :)

So now the rest is just taking my meds, getting some rest, then back to PT!! I am feeling really optimistic about my healing time, I don't feel nearly as bad or out of sorts as I thought I would. I feel surprisingly awake, I wonder if it's the meds, or the excellent company.

After the surgery I played video games with my parents as we had in-n-out, then my super amazing awesome boyfriend (as opposed to all those others? lol) came over and took care of me the rest of the night.

Two of my best girls surprised me with beautiful flowers upon my arrival home, and I got so many texts I feel so well loved! (Trish and Kaitlin rock!!!)

My mom surprised me with a sock loom, so I could learn to make socks while sitting around for the next week, but my first priority is finishing Trish's leg warmers. I think I can get them done today.

My life is awesome. I feel like I will be walking by the end of the month. I wouldn't quote me on that, though... lol.

2/13/11 02:10 pm - It's all set!

Surgery is scheduled for March 3rd! Then comes the long slow process of rehab, woohoo! In 6-12 months, I will be dancing again!

6/14/10 01:40 pm - Can't really believe it.

It's been 12 days since I washed my hair at all. I rinse it, and shower, of course, but no shampoo, or even baking soda. If I brush 100 times with the boar brush before I shower, and I actually brush and style my hair after I shower, you can't really tell. It's definitely overproducing grease on my head, but the theory is that after a few weeks of freaking out (shampoo withdrawls), my head will remember how to regulate it's own oils.

In other news, I feel very on top of life right now. Just got my new car insured and have plans to get maintenance done by the end of the week.

5/13/10 12:51 pm - Working awesome!!!

I'm 2 days in between washings now and I love this! Never going back, going to keep stretching it until it gets ridiculous... :)

5/6/10 01:20 pm - I'm a greaseball.

Still haven't made the hairspray, but am skipping two days between washings. It's greasier than I am pleased with, but I am throwing it up and it almost looks like I did it on purpose. My hair stays in bobby pins *much* easier this way. I'm determined to stick to the schedule and wait for the grease to subside.

4/29/10 01:15 pm - The next installment.

I have been liking the results of the every other day, so I upped the challenge. I did up my hair with hairspray to see if baking soda cuts it in those instances. According to Brandon, it is soft, but not as soft as normal. I found a hairspray recipe using only lemons, water, and vodka, which sounds like an awful lot of fun to try and make, and may be easier to get out of my hair. I will wait until after the craziness of the slo exchange dies down first.

4/26/10 02:02 pm - Days... aw crap, now I forget.

I finished out the week with baking soda and apple cider vinegar. My hair really likes it, and Brandon now has uncontrollable urges to nuzzle my head. I think that is enough to prove to me that shampoo is way overrated. This now has me looking at everything else I purchase and questioning it's validity... laundry soap, dish soap, household cleaners... what else am I just using out of habit rather than necessity?

So, step two, skipping a day. The first day of skipping went so well that I tried to skip the second day right afterwards. Not the best plan... I was uncomfortably greasy the whole day at work. So, now I haven't skipped a day since... especially since I have been dancing and in the sun. I think this week I will go back to skipping, just one day at a time for now... then after a week or so, two days off one day on. I have read of people who only ever wash with water... that would be awesome.

4/16/10 12:49 pm - Day 2 & 3

Day 2:

I mixed the baking soda into a paste, then mushed it around my head again. It didn't feel as smooth as I was rinsing it out as it did yesterday, but brushing it was still like a hot knife through butter. This has begun to lengthen my shower time, since it isn't quite routine yet, but it has reduced my shower necessities. I had already been brushing my teeth with baking soda, so now packing for travel is going to be great... although, when I am sharing a hotel room with friends it may be awkward for them to see me only heading to the bathroom with baking soda, brushes, and a bottle of what looks like urine.

Day 3:

I tried the recommended method of dissolving the baking soda in warm water, then pouring it on my head and letting it sit for a minute. This, again, didn't feel all silky rinsing out. So this time I diluted some apple cider vinegar with water and poured that on my head (I also made my roommate smell my head on the way to work to make sure I didn't reek... he would have told me if I did...I hope) and rinsed it out with water. I want to say my hair felt greasier, but once I got out of the shower it didn't seem to make a difference. After going for a walk in the heat today, my hair still feels soft and clean, although I am more paranoid about it. But I love how nice it feels.

4/14/10 01:44 pm - Day 1

I found this:


With all kinds of information on going without shampoo, and then going without washing your hair so much in general to keep your head more able to sustain itself. It sounded like something I wanted to try, so this is it, I am trying it. Week one, I will transfer completely over to a baking soda shampoo with an apple cider vinegar rinse. After that, I will start a slow retreat from daily washings until my hair can maintain it's health with as little interference from me as possible. I'm really excited. There is even some natural hairspray recipes...

It felt really weird mushing around the powder around my head. But it felt great when I rinsed it out. It also dried faster and looked less stringy when I headed off to work. There was no difference in when I brushed my hair after the shower.

If this really works, I could get a lot more into vintage hairstyling practices... which sounds really awesome!

1/10/10 08:25 pm - Small update...

Life has found me in a fantastic place at this moment. I had a great day of dancing and teaching *and* had a great night full of laser tag last night.

I have been at MINDBODY for almost 3 months and am LOVING it.

I am getting ready to move into a new place with Clayton and Alex that is SUPER adorable (and full of laminate flooring... DANCE SPACE!!)

Life is great. That is all...
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